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“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.  Eleanor Roosevelt


What a busy time it has been in my studio last month with textile work, workshops, art classes and going out and about meeting the local businesses. 

Art Workshops have kicked in, I started with my inspiration Jessie M. King from Glasgow School of Art.

Jessie M. King 1875 -1949 is widely known for her pen and ink lines that follow the art nouveau concepts, she was a highly accomplished muralist, book illustrator, and designer of fabric, jewellery, costume and book covers. Her drawings are an inspiration for me, the aesthetic beauty, fluidity and gentleness in her lines is simply out of this world. I hope that the also reader gets inspired and curious to find out more about her work.

For me winter season is time to keep warm and create work for spring.  At the moment I am creating some textile work with free hand machine embroidery and switching over to do some acrylic paintings and yes I am drawing everyday.


"The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration."

Frida Kahlo


Above are the pictures from the June workshops held at my studio. Both workshops  (silk painting & drawing) proved to be stress busters for everyone involved.  It was also about making new friends and enjoying the creative process. As expected Silk proved to be a tough nut, everyday materials were used for creating the imagery and textures on silk. 

Art Classes

Art classes and workshops have started in my studio.  I give individual art classes that are aimed at your needs and each session is for 2 hrs. I do stress on drawing as I feel that if you can write you can draw. We all start our writing with drawing pictures but later we lose the skill as we grow up. Let me tell you it is not something to get intimidated by nor is it unachievable, our drawing skills basically resides quietly within.

Art classes can be booked anytime, I go by the school term both for kids and adults.  Due to space issues I can have only three students together. For children the age is 8+, and yes kids of all abilities. 


Children 8+ (all materials are provided for children) session duration 2 hours

$350.00 per term


$80.00 (Adults to bring your own art materials) or $100.00 (materials provided) per class for 2 hrs. You can do a weekly/fortnightly class. You can pay as you go or pay for 4 weeks by Direct debit.  Any classes missed the money gets rolled over to next term.

I do have working with vulnerable people card. Kiran Designs is a registered art business. 
Contact me on www.kirandesignstudio.com by submitting your query on the contact form. Follow me on social media https://www.facebook.com/kirandesignstudio  https://www.instagram.com/kirandesignstudio

Art Workshops

These will be held during the middle/end of the month. Each session will be for 3-4 hours depending upon the type of workshop.

July workshops


Silk Workshop on Tuesday 30 July Time 10.00 – 2.00 with a tea break @11.00 

Cost $130.00 silk workshop (all materials provided)

In this workshop Kiran will show you how to paint your unique landscape using expressive painting effects on silk. In the 4 hr silk workshop you will complete a silk painting 48 x 48 cm inspired by your favourite place, photo or simply your imagination.


Colour Fun with Acrylics on Wednesday 31 July Time 10.00 –2.00 with a tea break @11.00.  Bring your lunch.

Cost: $120.00 All materials provided.

For this class you will be shown how to create textures and shapes (acrylics) by using everyday unconventional materials like old cutlery, hair brushes, combs on paper and canvas. You will be given some images for inspiration. In the 4 hr workshop you will take home a finished abstract painting on canvas.


You will pay for your workshop at Eventbrite.


Have a great time creating and fill your life with colour!













Kiran Grewal



PO Box 583, Mitchell 2911, ACT, Australia