Floral Beauty - 3 painting by Kirandeep Grewal Size 40cm x 80cm

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Title - 'Floral Beauty - 3'

Floral Beauty -3 is one of the series of work done for the 'Artist By The River Project -7' 2014 exhibition in Perth, WA. In this work I explored how art comes from within, spirituality gets touched, and lastly how healing starts to happen on the canvas of the artist's soul. Floral Beauty - 3 is pure imagination of a beautiful garden where dreams are woven.

This acrylics artwork on canvas is finished with a varnish. 'Floral Beauty -3 will be shipped as canvas mounted on its wooden frame.

Medium     Acrylics

Year         2014

Size         40 cm x 80 cm

Care Instructions for Acrylic Paintings

  • Acrylic paintings attract. It is recommended that paintings are regularly cleaned with a soft brush to remove dust.
  • Ideally to avoid dust damage to the painting, frame the painting with glass/protective framing.
  • If the painting is exposed to UV, it will cause visual damage over time.
  • Acrylic painting should be stored in a dust free environment and storage temperature should be below room temperature.

Artwork By Kirandeep Grewal