Floral Beauty 2 by Kirandeep Grewal Size 44cm x 29cm

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Title  Floral Beauty 2

Floral Beauty 2  was a part of the study series for the 'Artist By The River Project - 7', Perth, Australia. In this work I explored how art comes from within, healing surfaces on the canvas of one's soul.  Floral Beauty 2 is pure imagination displaying a quirky, colourful bird without legs. This quirky bird has chosen to embrace life and live in joy.

Details of Original Wall Art work

Title  Floral Beauty 2

Medium  Acrylic on canvas

Size  80 cm x 40 cm

Year  2014

Print Details

Size  29.7 cm x 42.0 cm, glossy finish on 235 gsm paper

20 printed  

Printed in Australia

Artwork by Kirandeep Grewal