Migration by Kirandeep Grewal Size 44cm x 29cm

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Title- 'Migration'

'Migration' for me is a story about embracing the new lands, a new culture while struggling to keep your own culture alive. This painting reflects the embracing of two cultures and a self discovery of a migrant woman who is deeply rooted to her homeland (India). Her ethnic jewellery and clothes are part of her being, she gets hidden powers from her culture to help her embrace the new shores (gum leaves symbolising Australia).  This work tells a story about my travels in this ever changing cycle of time.

Original Wall Art work Details

Medium   Acrylic on canvas

Size         92 cm x 61 cm

Year        2017

Art Prints Details

Size       29.7 cm x 42.0 cm, glossy 180 gsm paper

20 printed

Printed in Australia

Artwork by Kirandeep Grewal