• Versatile Silk Scarves

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    This is a luxurious, versatile no-stitch garment inspired by the Indian Sari. It is soft and lightweight Indian Silk with delicate metal embellishments. The colours are in the tones of rose red. The traditional Indian Sari is a 5 metres length of fabric, which is elegantly wrapped around the body making the wearer radiate an air of grace and simplicity. My versatile silk scarf/garment is a must-have piece of hand-dyed silk garment for your wardrobe, that can be wrapped as a skirt/top/dress.

    Its delicate tones of rose red colour is inspired by the vast landscape of Australia. It comes with instructions of how to vary your style and get wrapped elegantly in KiranDesigns luxurious Silk.

    Every scarf designed and created at Kiran Design Studio is Unique and One Off.

    100% silk

    Size: 112 cm x 194 cm

    Silk Care Instructions

    • Dry cleanable.
    • Hand wash in tepid water using detergent for delicate fabrics only. For more details go to Terms and Conditions page.
    • Care instructions are on the label. please follow the care instructions carefully.

    Designed and created by Kiran Grewal