• Silk Scarf

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    A luxurious hand-dyed Indian silk scarf with the story of a mountain embedded in it. Colours combined on this scarf are amber, cyber yellow and rose that blend with turquoise creating tones of deep green, apple green and orange. The ambience on the mountain created is blissful. This scarf symbolises steadfastness, eternity and inner peace.

    Its edges are finely hem rolled with matching threads by my trusty Overlocker.

    Every scarf designed and created at Kiran Design Studio is Unique and One Off.

    100% Indian Silk

    Size 106 cm x 106 cm

    Silk Care Instruction

    • Dry cleanable.
    • Hand wash gently with tepid water using detergent for delicate fabrics only. For more information go to Terms and Conditions page.
    • Care instructions on the label. Please follow the instructions carefully.

    Designed and created by Kirandeep Grewal